Collin Lynch, PhD
Dr. Collin F. Lynch is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. His primary research is focused on the development of robust intelligent tutoring systems and adaptive educational systems for Ill-Defined domains such as scientific writing, law, and software development. He completed his doctoral research in Intelligent Systems at the University of Pittsburgh where he was affiliated with the Learning Research and Development Center. His doctoral dissertation work focused on the use of argument diagrams to teach and diagnose student-produced arguments. For that work he developed a novel Augmented Graph Grammar system and applied it to the analysis of student-produced argument diagrams and the prediction of subsequent essay grades. Dr. Lynch completed his post-doctoral work at NCSU where he worked on the development of Intelligent Tutoring Systems for Logic and Probability, studied new algorithms for student modelling and hint provision, and examined the impact of social networks on student performance.