The LearnDialogue Group, led by Kristy Boyer, is dedicated to dramatically improving human teaching and learning with adaptive technologies. We develop systems that support individual and collaborative learning, including tutorial dialogue systems, intelligent tutoring systems, and game-based learning environments.

Our research focuses on how natural language dialogue and intelligent systems can support human learning across educational contexts including within and outside the classroom. We build computational models of the processes and phenomena during learning, and these models drive the adaptivity of our intelligent systems. The computational models in turn shed light on effective strategies for supporting human learning.

As a group of computer scientists, we are passionate about advancing the state of the art in computer science education. We aim to transform the way that young learners experience computer science, and we engage in evidence-based multidisciplinary research and curriculum development for elementary and middle school. We also investigate the efficacy of pedagogical and technological innovation at the postsecondary introductory computer science level. Promoting diversity and equity within computer science education is one of the central strands that runs across all of our projects.

With particular emphasis on supporting learners at the K-12 and university levels, our research and development efforts emphasize a multidisciplinary approach. We leverage a broad range of methodologies, modeling techniques, and theoretical perspectives from artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, human-computer interaction, learning sciences, education, and psychology. We actively collaborate with faculty from Computer Science, STEM Education, Elementary Education, Computer Engineering, Human Factors and Psychology.